how to measure a shade sail

Plan Elevation (view from overhead) Posts/Points are A, B, C, D, E & F.
Measure from eyebolt to eyebolt with Fibreglass Tape eg. A – B = 5100mm, B – C = 3300mm etc.
Stretch the Fibreglass Tape tight and ensure there are no obstacles such as tree branches.
Do not make any allowance for Turnbuckles or for any other reason. It is most important that we have the exact measurement between the Points.
Add the measurements together to get the total perimeter metreage of your Shade Sail.
Select your Fabric and from the Dropdown menu, click on the perimeter measurement of your Shade Sail to get your DIY Shade Sail Price. Round up after .5m.

Freight capped at $45 per Shadecloth Sail to most Australian mainland metropolitan destinations.
For Waterproof Shade Sails, which are much heavier, price capped at $55 to most Australian mainland metropolitan destinations.
DIY Shade Sail purchase price includes 316 SSt Turnbuckles and D Shackles.

$0 +GST
$0 +GST
6 point diy shade sail measurements example

Please read the following before proceeding to Order.

To proceed after getting your quote, please double check your measurements. Measure in millimetres, accurate to 10mm – eg. 4 metres and 61 centimetres is 4610mm. Find the lowest post or fixing point’s eyebolt (datum) then note the height above this point for all the other point’s/post’s eyebolts – eg. Post B’s eyebolt is 380mm above Post A’s eyebolt (datum). This allows us to build a 3D picture of the Shade Sail. Choose 4  points for Turnbuckles – eg, A, B, D & E. C & F will then be ‘Direct Fix” with D Shackles only on these points. If a 6 pointed Sail is over 30 edge metres, we recommend 5 Turnbuckles. Our CAD program will offset for Turnbuckles and D Shackles. If there is a measurement error, the Sail will not fit the coordinates it was intended for.