To get your DIY Shade Sail measurements, the first thing to do is make a drawing of your posts and fixing points with a plan elevation view of the Shade Sail.

  • Give each point a letter starting with A.
  • Working clockwise, go to each consecutive point and mark it B, then C etc. (These are now the coordinates.)
  • Using a fibreglass tape attached to the edge of the eyebolt, stretch across to the next eyebolt and record the measurement, making sure to double check the result and particularly the coordinate. (Right measurement but wrong coordinate is a disaster.) Each different Shade Sail requires an exact set of absolutely precise measurements to guarantee a correct fitting Shade Sail. Double check every measurement and every coordinate.
  • Enter the perimeter measurements only, to get a quote. To make the Shade Sail, we will then need the diagonals and the post heights as they relate to Datum (lowest point).
  • Click to select your Shade Sail shape and number of fixing points. (The pictures are examples only. Each Shade Sail will have a unique shape depending on the measurements)


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