Sun Surf and Sand Combo


1 x square Shade Sail – 4m x 4m
1 x right angle triangle Shade Sail – 3 m x 3m x 4.24m
1 x right angle triangle Shade Sail – 3m x 3m x 4.24m
Made exactly to size specified
Stainless Steel Cable Edged
Fully Swaged for easy installation, no cable adjustment necessary
All Stainless Steel Fixings
Bonus Heavy Duty Shadecloth Beach Bag

Shipping will be Invoiced separately before dispatch

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Heavy Duty Shadecloth is an Industrial Textile made from High Density Polyethylene, and combines UV stabilisers and colour additives

  • Provides maximum protection against the sun’s UV rays, utilizing the best UV stabilizers
  • Heat set for stability
  • 235 gsm
  • UVA protection 94% – 97%
  • Shade Factor 92% – 97%

316 Stainless Steel Cable Perimeter Wire

  • Allows the Shade Sail to be fully tensioned, giving the Sail the ability to ride out storms
  • The cable moves freely through the hem of the Shade Sail, allowing the fabric to stretch tight
  • Cable is fully swaged eliminating the need for cable adjustment at installation

Images illustrative only, not to scale

Hand made by our Shade Sail Machinists
Industrial Grade Shade Sail Fabric
Industrial Grade Sewing Thread
Lock Stitched, external pocket (very useful)
Reinforced handles
These are the strongest and longest lasting Beach Bags available
No specific colour choice available, next available bag will be sent